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Days of my beginning


Today I finally created a website since some of my fans on Facebook have requested one so here it is! ( I also have a Instagram account now too, make sure you check them out )


When I first seen a piece of folded book art I was so amazed with how it looked, so I started to search how to do it.

Many weeks later I had finally gotten in touch with a lady who lives in Hemsby, Norfolk. She was/is a pattern designer. When we started talking it was originally just for me to purchase the pattern off of her to make for my son's nursery, ( Just had my son August 2014 ) but we started to talk more and more.

Over time she mentioned that she was looking for people to help test her patterns for her and asked if I was interested, which I definitely was !

At first I just wanted to make one for my son but then it turned into a hobby , so over time I tested patterns and posted my completed work on my Facebook. After awhile some of my friends started to be really interested in what I was creating and said I should sell them. I then created a Facebook page to test the waters and 219 likes and 6 orders later I have created this website.

-Only Selling Locally in London Ontario

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